Week 2: Publishing & Imposter Syndrome

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This week’s webinar introduced us to the “Abstract for Publication” assignment for this course.  Our options are to develop an abstract worthy of publication for either the League of Innovations Monthly Learning or Leadership Abstracts or for the NISOD Innovation Abstracts.

While one goal of this assignment is to prompt us to become more vocal participants in the scholarly community in the field of community college leadership, another obvious goal is to enhance our list of publications.  Of all aspects of leadership development, this is probably the area in which I struggle the most.  While I have been working in a variety of areas of higher education for nearly two decades, for some reason, I have a hard time picturing myself as a respected scholar, someone that other people would actually cite in their work. While I have heard that this can be a common problem among professional women (imposter syndrome), I never thought about how it may be affecting me personally until I faced this assignment.

My idea, for the moment, is that I might write a comparison piece, contrasting Germany and the Netherlands approaches to acceleration in developmental writing to the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) approach in the U.S., a program I have much experience with.  However, the “buts” immediately started to run through my mind.  I have taught ALP in a community college for six years now and have presented at a conference on it, and I have even conducted a faculty training on this topic, but I still doubt that I am qualified to speak with “authority” on the topic. Further, I wonder, how can I write a credible piece on the systems of two other countries, whose approaches to developmental writing pedagogy are currently unknown to me?

These anxieties force me to reconsider why I chose to enroll in the DCCL Program in the first place.  I had become too comfortable, working in relative isolation at my small community college in Michigan’s upper peninsula.  I wanted to participate in a vibrant learning community.  I wanted to challenge myself to continue to grow as both a person and a professional.  I wanted to overcome my fears.  This assignment is yet another opportunity to do just that.

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One Reply to “Week 2: Publishing & Imposter Syndrome”

  1. I love your project and your questions about it all. Although uncertainly isn’t easy or comfortable, that vulnerability is what makes us real, which makes our work even more important.

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