A Weekend (mostly) in Amsterdam

I’m now sitting in a hotel room in Kleve, Germany wiped out and already full of memories.  How can it be that we’ve only been here for less than two days?

What follows is a photo essay in which I try to capture the first day.

All packed up with my new rose gold suitcase and ready to hit the road for the 4 hr drive to MSP
Cheers to Mike, my flight buddy for the first leg of the trip.  Oh, wait.. he’s no longer sitting by me since he got bumped to first class!
Mike, sitting pretty in first class
My flight buddies for the second leg.  We’ve arrived! 
In front of the Rijksmuseum– The Museum of Amsterdam (though we went to the Van Gogh instead)
The Heineken Experience tour
Floating community gardens!

After an overnight plane ride and then a whole day of sightseeing, we were ready for a restful 90-minute bus ride to our hotel in Kleve.  Unfortunately, the company somehow failed to realize that the fifteen passengers being picked up from the airport would also bring luggage with them when they sent their small shuttle.  Fitting everyone and their luggage was quite a trick.  Then the driver didn’t know where he was going so drove around in a big circle, bringing us right back to the airport after twenty minutes.  After a very cramped two hour ride in which we were treated to German dance music version of “It’s my life,” we arrived at the beautiful Hotel Rilano in Kleve.




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