Sunday is funday in Amsterdam

Sunday morning’s bus ride back to Amsterdam was much more comfortable.  This time, though we had no luggage, we were given a couch!  But unfortunately, all the main highways into downtown were under construction or closed to buses, so we had to debark from the bus and take the tram into Central Station.  This turned out to be a grand way to view the city!

Once we arrived, the group split up, some off for more museums, while others of us chose to explore downtown.  We started by taking another tram ride to the Palace area.  This was easy to do because we had bought the 24 hour Tram tickets (8 euros), so we switched lines and rode just two stops to Rokin.

Paleis Amsterdam– Amsterdam’s Royal Palace
The Amsterdam version of Diagon Alley
Stopping in for beers and apps at Cafe de Ster
Bittenball- the app created just for me- a deep fried ball of gravy!
A gorgeous February day
More fun times at Excalibur in the red-light district
One of the more tame venues in the red-light district
Water bottle filler
bike parking garage
bike parking at Central Station
Gathering at Central Station for another long trip back to Kleve.  Work begins tomorrow!


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